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As we pride ourself in creating great storytelling, beautiful visuals and love technical
we are not confined by a explicit way of visual communication.

If a project is better off being interactive, rendered in realtime or designed for
a specific platform we applause the possibility to do so.

Let’s create something extraordinary together!

We are working with industry standart technologies to produce games, interactive installations, e-learning etc. In our daily work we use (but not limited to) Unreal Engine and have collaborated on Unity projects.

At SUNDAY we have build our own motion capture (MoCap) studio for basic biped character animation, which we can use for animated films and realtime animations, along with pre-vis. We have worked on projects with the latest in VR, AR and 3D projection.

Over the years we have also worked on pipeline development for our customers and other studios, such as renderfarm management software, CAD optimization pipeline, animation/asset toolsets for Autodesk Maya.


• Console, desktop and mobile games
• Interactive showcase and installation
• Motion capture, virtual- and augmented reality
• 3D (CAM) and post production pipeline development
We can deliver to all major platforms.