Welcome to Sunday Studio

From our studio in the heart of Aarhus, we provide film, VFX, motion graphics and high quality visual communication to a wide range of Danish and international companies and organizations. We operate both as a full service production house and as a subcontractor to other production companies and advertising agencies.

With 12 years of experience and hundreds of productions finalised, the good story and optimal solution are always based on the objective and budget.

Our core employees come from a past in the advertising, animation and gaming industry. At Sunday, we emphasize that you’ll work with the same creative team from the initial meeting to your film is running on the desired platform. In our experience that helps to create the highest level possible and an increased value for your production.

A full service production house

Our most important task is to create value for you as a customer; for your product and your objective. Regardless of the size and scope of the production, we at Sunday will always work with the same care and high ambition.

We are always ready for an casual and noncommittal talk about your needs, vision or specific wishes, so do not hesitate to contact us – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

René Mastrup // Creative Director
(+45) 5121 9022

Below we will give you insight into some of the skills we offer and hopefully inspire to an exciting collaboration.


Thorough preparation and close dialogue with the customer ensures that we get the best idea, thereby creating the best process and the strongest end product.

The story

Film, Communication, Advertising, Computer-generated Images (CGI), Entertainment, Knowledge Sharing, Visual Effects (VFX), Information, “shoutout” or something completely different? For us, the focal point will always be the storytelling.

Producing film is a complex process and it can be hard to imagine the end product beforhand. Depending on complexity and budget, we develop conceptual, visual or written storyboards, moodboards or animation tests (animatics) for our productions. Proper pre-production based on the right idea creates security and understanding for both the customer and the producer. We want to involve our customers and decision makers in what we expect to see in a finished production.

Emotional communication

Film is a medium that speaks other things than reason – it also speaks to the wildness, joy, sorrow, longing, passion, etc. We want to create a reaction and by that create added value to for our customers.

In some cases, the customer comes with a reference, a clear vision or a storyboard. Whatever the starting point, we draw on our many years of experience to create something unique.


It’s about what’s caught inside the frame.

The full overview

At Sunday Studio we will always be able to take full creative and technical responsibility. To get the job done the best way possible we often work with specialized film production teams, handpicked specifically for the task. Our experience with study and location film recordings, film instruction and VFX supervision is extensive.

We can take care of and supervise all facets of film shooting – ranging from casting of actors, location scouting, choice of equipment and film studio, style and makeup artists, props and set building.

The optimal choices and decisions

Because we are responsible for both the production process and post production, it often reduces costs in a timely and economical way. We want optimal value out of every hour on the movie set, with no unnecessary elements, staff, misunderstandings or delays that can blow the budget or production plan.

We see it as a basic premise that both the producer and the director are in close dialogue with the customer during the filming, so everyone is happy with the process and result at the end of the day(s).


3D, CGI, VFX, animation, tracking, fluid simulation, greenscreen keying, compositing, rotoscoping, motion capture, etc. – It requires many skills to create the desired illusion. We master them all.

The edited reality

Virtually all film productions contain visual effects (VFX). With us, VFX elements will often be in our own productions. It could also be as a VFX subcontractor on productions for TV shows, feature and animation films or something completely different.

World class output

We can solve all visual ideas or scenes. Whether it’s about removing elements in footage, adding new, integrating characters or creating CGI worlds from scratch, we’re both creative, visually and technically equipped for any challenge.

For us, it is obvious that visual output should be world-class and final finishing such as grading and mastering is a high priority.

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3D modeling and animation is a fundamental part of our work on visual effects and storytelling.

Shape, surface, light and shadow

When realworld physical elements shall be “tamed”, computer-generated images (CGI) can make the work easier, more manageable, smoother, look transparent or blown into pieces. It can be a complete world in 3D or elements integrated into film footage.

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Mass, weight and material

3D modeling and animation is a fundamental part of our daily work with post-production on film. CGI can be used in a countless situations – whether we are moving through a meteorite belt in a spaceship or create the feeling of a cold beer, it is important for us to convey the message and the sell the illusion.


A character can be used as a communicator and, among other things, create targeted associations for branding purposes.

Dance clown, dance!

Character animation is a discipline by itself. Sunday Studio was originally started for this purpose – building and breathing life into 3D characters.

Whether it’s photorealistic characters, cartoony characters or something in between is not the key. The character must radiate and express what benefits the product and narrative in an optimal way. Whether the character requires an animator’s interpretation, or it is better solved with Motion Capture, do we have a lot of experience both.

We design, build, shader, rig and animate 3D characters.


Motion graphics can be interpreted broadly – it is in the merging of all the above skills but still completely it’s own.

Simple or complex

Motion graphics are built around graphic elements that are completely or partially animated in 2D or 3D – or something in between. It can contain still images, movies, characters, party effects, patterns – only imagination sets limits.

Texts, shapes and dimensions

Motion graphics are often used in technical or instruction films, where a quick understanding of a complex story is the goal. On the other hand you also see some of the most creative and artistic film productions with the use of motion graphics genre. An example could be title sequences for feature films or TV shows.

To maintain the highest level, the design process and visual work are an important prerequisite for continuous visual expression throughout the production.


Interactive storytelling is a natural extension of our competencies – both as a developer and producer.

The virtual photo studio

Films are produced as a sequence of images. This means that selected images can be rendered in very high resolution and used for still images, posters, brochures, web, presentations etc.



Visualization and design

We often receive requests for 3D visualizations, either in isolation or as a byproduct of a film project. It could be still images where these are produced from scratch, or from the customer’s material, to act as a photorealistic or artistic image. It gives some freedoms in terms of shape, surfaces, light and expression, which can be difficult, or impossible, to reproduce in a photo studio or in the real world. If you need to visualize products or objects that do not yet exist then 3D visualization is an excellent tool.

Highly uncontrollable elements such as fluid can be simulated or built in 3D, so that you get the perfect expression. 


Interactive storytelling is a natural extension of our competencies, both as a developer and producer.

Interactive entertainment

As creators of good storytelling, beautiful visuality and fondness for technical challenges, we are not limited by a specific way of making visual communication.

If a project works better by being interactive, produced as real-time graphics or designed for a specific platform, we welcome the opportunity to do it.

We work with industry standard technologies to produce games, interactive installations, e-learning, etc. In our daily work, we use (but are not limited to) Unreal Engine and have collaborated on Unity projects.

At Sunday Studio we have built our own motion capture (MoCap) studio for basic biped character animation, which we use for animated films and realtime animations, along with pre-vis. We have been working on projects with the latest in VR, AR and 3D projection.

Over the years, we have also worked on pipeline development for other studios and production houses, on projects as render farm management software, CAD optimization pipeline, animation and asset tools for Autodesk Maya.

Services and technology


• Console, desktop and mobile games / apps.
• Interactive showcase and installation.
• Motion capture, virtual- and augmented reality (VR / AR).
• 3D (CAM) and post production pipeline development.
• We can deliver to all the major platforms.





With our many years in the industry and pragmatic approach to film and visual production, we can be the right partner for your next project. Sunday Studio has enjoyed a long and trustworthy collaboration with our customers and partners. We service, directly or indirectly, more than 50 companies and organizations – in addition to a number of Denmark’s most talented advertising agencies and production companies. 

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